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Teaming up for animal health

GD Animal Health is a leading organisation in animal health and animal production. Over ninety years, GD Animal Health has supported industrial customers, governments, veterinarians and farmers by providing animal health programmes and laboratory diagnostic services.

The main goal of GD Animal Health is 'Teaming up for animal health, in the interest of animals, their owners and society at large'. Good health is in the interest of animals and contributes to sustainable farming. This work fulfils the wishes of a society that wants eco-friendly food that is tasty, safe and healthy. GD Animal Health has been working on these goals for almost a hundred years. More about GD

GD Animal Health | Turkey


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Oya sokak  no: 7 Tümer Plaza
Floor 3 no: 8

Email. sales@gdanimalhealthturkey.com

GD Products & Services

1. Veterinary laboratory tests
GD Animal Health operates one of the largest and most modern veterinary laboratories in the world.
2. Proficiency testing schemes (PTS)
Verify your quality with our proficiency testing schemes. 

3. Diagnostics: biological reagents
GD Animal Health offers a large number of antigens, monospecific antisera and reference sera, carefully selected to obtain optimum results in laboratory tests.

4. Research & Development
The R&D department is responsible for development of new products and programmes.

5. Contract research
In our facilities, we perform many in-vivo and in-vitro laboratory and field studies on biologicals and pharmaceuticals with full scientific support and quality control.

6. Consultancy
GD Animal Health acts as partner in many (international) programmes related to animal health, such as disease-control programmes, monitoring programmes, the establishment of veterinary diagnostic labs, and lab capacity building projects.

7. Training courses (GD Academy)
Enhance your knowledge with GD Academy.


25-29 September | 5-day Training
Poultry Health, Climate & Feed

3-8 September | Exhibitor
World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress


  • Turnover approx. 55 million euros
  • 50,000 customers
  • 4 million lab analyses annually
  • 400 different tests
  • 400 employees
  • 130 laboratory employees
  • 70 specialised veterinarians
  • 80 researchers and developers